Group Sales

When you invest in your HR department, you raise the bar for your entire organization. With customized group packages from HRCI, your HR staff will be prepared to master all aspects of HR that are most relevant to your company and your collective success from certification to recertification.

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Revolutionize Your Business. Invest in Your HR.

HR excellence, a top driver of business performance, requires company-wide commitment. Provide your HR and non-HR teams with HRCI® credentials. Make sure your organization is aligned and qualified for talent-driven business success. With certification packages, for groups of 5 or more, you get discounted HRCI application and exam fees.

Minimize Risk.
An HRCI-certified HR department works at the highest standards of professional excellence. HRCI exams test your staff’s critical thinking, ensuring they're prepared to assess and prevent workplace risks.
Maximize Talent.
Your HR staff will have enhanced vision for talent market trends, and greater insight on recruitment and retaining strategies to seal the deal with new hires and make top talent want to stay.
Strengthen Company Culture.
An HRCI-certified HR department works with the knowledge and skills needed to create a productive, engaged and unified company culture – one that enhances an organization's mission, vision and goals.

Genius Business Strategy Starts with HR-Savvy Teams

Credentials from HRCI® — each tailored to designate different levels of HR expertise — are the perfect way to ensure your team of HR practitioners and managers of people are aligned and qualified for talent-driven business success. HRCI group certification packages can be purchased, at a discount for five or more professionals.

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