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HRCI Partner Network offers great new opportunities to help you grow your organization's market presence in the growing and transforming world of human resource management. As an HRCI Network partner, you will immediately have expanded reach to the worlds leading HR professionals. For more than 45 years, HRCI has provided professionals with the world's most trusted and recognized HR certifications. More than 500,000 HR professionals have earned their credentials from HRCI.

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Partner Benefits

  • Leverage the brand, marketing and distribution power of HRCI to spread the word about your HR products, services and/or educational offerings.
  • Sell certification preparation and continuous learning programs that are easy to sell to the HRCI community of motivated HR professionals.
  • Boost revenue through co-marketing opportunities with HRCI that bring increased visibility and lead generation.
  • Expose you HR members to exclusive HRCI special offers and discounts.


Our Higher Education Network

Our Academic program is flexible and offers several options to integrate into your current HR or business curriculum.

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Our Partners

HRCI partners with a number of organizations around the world to bring you the best in preparation and learning resources.

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Partner Research

HRCI partners with educational and learning organizations who often share their research findings.  For the latest click below!

The State of Engagement Among HR Professionals
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