Add Recertification Credits

Certified HR professionals can earn their recertification credit in a variety of different ways from self-directed learning to conferences and even on-the-job activities. Click below for information on how to calculate your credits and on ways to earn and enter your credits.

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Calculating Recertification Credit

In addition to being HR-related, your qualifying recertification activities must be at least 45 minutes in length and tie to the corresponding (Exam Content Outline) of a certification from HRCI.

To calculate the number of recertification credit hours for each activity:

  • Count only the educational time spent. Do not include registration, meals, breaks, pre-work, homework or other non-educational parts of the activity.
  • Calculate recertification credit hours to the nearest quarter hour. For example, if a one-day workshop includes five hours and 20 minutes of actual educational time, you should round the number of recertification credit hours to 5.25

Calculating Credit for CEUs, CLEs and College and University Courses

HRCI accepts continuing education units (CEUs) awarded through the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)

IACET guidelines state that an agency can award one CEU (comparable to one semester credit hour) for every 10 hours of classroom time. For example, a course awarded 3 CEUs using IACET criteria is equivalent to 30 classroom hours.

If the program does not show that the CEUs were set using IACET guidelines, HRCI will then award recertification credits on an hour-for-hour equivalent.

Calculating Credit for Conferences and Seminars 

You earn one recertification credit hour for every hour of concurrent session time, excluding meals and breaks. For example, a 75-minute session equals 1.25 recertification credit hours.

Your also earn credit for general sessions if the speech lasts at least one hour and is HR-related. Activities during a meal do not count toward recertification credit. 

You will typically earn:

  • 12 credit hours for attending all of the educational sessions during a three-day HR conference. You may earn additional credit hours for a pre-conference workshop.
  • 6 hours for a day-long seminar. (To find the number of recertification credit hours for each activity, count only the educational time spent. Do not include registration, meals, breaks, pre-work, homework or other non-educational parts of the activity.)


Calculating Credit for Video Conferences, Audiotapes, Webcasts and Podcasts

Video conferences, audiotapes, webcasts and podcasts must be instructor-led


Calculating Credit for E-Learning/Online Courses

You will earn one credit hour for every hour. There is no credit-hour limit because E-Learning activities are interactive and typically assess the user at the end of the online session. 


Calculating Credit for Chapter Meetings

Only pre-approved continuing education activities during HR association chapter meetings qualify for recertification credit. When you report the activity on your recertification application, use the Program ID distributed by the meeting host.